About: What’s a Matrix Board?

THE APP - A Matrix Board™ is a Web browser App for organizing all your favorite architectural photos in one place to create a coherent preview of your Dream House. It's simple and fun to use and works with Web browsers on all devices. It's a perfect companion to Pinterest and Houzz.

IMMEDIATE BENEFITS - If you're planning to work with Pros for a new custom house or a makeover, a completed Matrix Board will save you money, time and grief. As well, it will get you more of the house you desire and less of what you don't need.

Of course, you can also develop a Matrix Board just for the fun of exploring house design for yourself and your family and friends.

A SPREADSHEET FOR IMAGES - Think of a Matrix Board as a spreadsheet for images instead of numbers. It has rows for all the design categories that make up a house and columns indicating how much you like what each image illustrates for you.



  • Gather Images - Browse the Internet, including our Gallery, and make copies of architectural images you like at first glance. Something about a house in an image will feel right and special to you.

  • Create Categories - Name the Matrix rows for categories of a house design that are important to you. You may add notes to rows to expand on the significance of the categories for your project.

  • Tell Your Story - Create as many rows and categories as you need. Move rows up or down to create a story outline for a presentation that makes sense to you.

  • Post Your Images - Move images to the Matrix Clipboard or to your computer desktop and from there into the right rows of the Matrix Board. The names of the categories will indicate what you like about each image. You may further name the images and add notes and sources for each image.

  • Fill the Gaps - Find images for category rows that have too few.

  • Identify Your Best Images - When the rows start to fill with images, rank them to identify your best for each category. For a simple ranking method, compare any two similar images and move the one you like better to the left. Keep doing that and the image you like best in each category row will end up in the first, or "Gold" column, along the left margin.

  • Review Your Gold Choices - Open the page showing only your Gold choices. See at a glance how well your best-liked images combine to create your Dream House.

  • Experiment with Different Arrangements - For some categories, a second or third-best image may be a better fit with the others. Explore how well each image itself and the combination with others creates a mosaic of parts that together form a preview of a house that resonates with your sense of home.

  • Enjoy the Result - That's it! You end up with a mosaic of all the best parts creating the right look and feel of your Dream House.

CO-CREATE - Discuss and share your Matrix Board with family and friends. Each project, row and image has social media features for targeted comments, image suggestions and discussion.

When you're ready to retain Pros, review and refine your choices with them. Expect Pros to deliver the best practical realization of your Dream House enhanced with their design expertise.

LONG-TERM BENEFITS - Selecting and organizing all the many features of your Dream House is deeply satisfying. Your Matrix Board will become a trust-worthy decision-support resource for long-term satisfaction, wise investments and the end of buyer’s remorse.