About: How it Works

Browse Internet sites and our Gallery.
Select photos of houses and features
illustrating design ideas you like.
Combine the ideas you like best
into a single mosaic
for a Dream House
as unique as you.
Here’s how…

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Introducing Matrix Clipboard™,
a personal resource for
multiple photo clippings.
Upload from mobile, laptop
and desktop devices
using the Share menu.
Drag photos from
the Clipboard to
your Matrix Board.

An empty Matrix Clipboard™
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Use the Clipboard
to gather photos
of houses you like
from Internet sites,
our Gallery
and your own

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A Matrix Board is an image grid as large as you may need
with columns for ranking your image selections, and
rows for design categories that interest you.

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Drag the photo clippings from the Matrix Clipboard
into the named category rows of your Design Board.

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Slide houses that illustrate features
you like best to the Gold Squares.

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…and voilà!
Imagine the features you like best,
your "Gold Square" selections,
combining into a preview
of your Dream House.

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Use the social media features of the Matrix Board
to share, discuss and refine your design.

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Engage a Pro to create a professional design
that makes the most of your ideas and reflects a
thorough understanding of your needs and lifestyle.

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Now that you've seen how a Matrix Board works,
you're invited to proceed with your own Board.
Surprise yourself with
the unforgettable experience
of seeing how a preview of your Dream House
emerges from a creative blending of
your best ideas.

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