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Welcome everyone planning to build or improve a house and the Pros who turn those dreams into reality.

For the MAIN MENU, click on the PUZZLE HOUSE icon on the top left of every page.

For the Home Screen, click on the "DREAM HOUSE DESIGN" logo in the Main Menu.

Enjoy these features:

  • MATRIX – the Board for gathering and organizing your own collection of images. You can start with the PRACTICE BOARD and familiarize yourself with the Matrix tools. Open the Tip Sheet icon at the top of your Board and have a look at an overview of Tool Tips.

  • GALLERY – A collection of images you can import into your own Matrix Board;

  • PROS – a listing of Pros and links to their Web sites and Gallery projects;

  • HELP – tutorials, resources and support pages; and,

  • ABOUT – General information and policies. Have a look at “WHAT’S A DESIGN MATRIX?” and “HOW IT WORKS”.

If you're RESPONDING TO AN INVITATION to see a person’s Matrix Board, Sign In and click on MATRIX, select the tab Shared Projects and choose the project you're invited to see.