The Quest from Dream House to Home

Home is where the heart is, and your heart is at home in the house you love — a house as unique as you are. If you haven’t found yours yet, keep searching. Living in your Dream House is one of life’s great thrills.

To make sure you end up with a house worthy of your dreams, start by collecting photo clippings of the elements you love. Only you can assemble those clippings and identify what it is about each photo that makes your heart skip a beat.

With the abundance of architectural photography online, you'll quickly gather so many photos you'll need an App to organize them. Introducing Matrix Board™, an App to help you sort and rank your photos using the Board's category rows and ranking columns. Here’s how:

  1. Name the category rows for the features and elements you’d like for your Dream House;

  2. Name each photo for the feature or element it illustrates for you. Place it into the appropriate category row along with other photos illustrating the same category;

  3. Slide the photos you like best in each row towards the first, or “Gold” column;

  4. Add, delete and arrange your photos until the ones you like best in each row are in the Gold column; and,

  5. Continue fine-tuning your collection until your Gold selections combine to form a perfect preview of the house you desire.

Have fun using the App’s social media tools to share, discuss and improve your selections with family, friends and Pros.

Select Pros who will help you design and build the finest practical realization of your Dream House.

Select manufacturers and suppliers with the right products and materials. Copy their photos from the Gallery into your board.

Don't worry, we don't share your personal information with anyone. Only you can initiate personal sharing with the family, friends and pros you trust.

Explore our site. Click on Sawdust Island, and browse through a Gallery “Project in Progress”. Click on Practice Board and play around with the tools. When you’re ready to pin photos to your own board, sign up. We’ll save your Board in the cloud so you can use it with all your devices and share it with others.

Enjoy our App — it’s free.